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There are 13 presets: Default Preset, Demo Agency, Demo Corporate, Demo Freelancer, Demo Startup, Demo Music, Demo Shopping, Demo Portfolio, Demo Business 1, Demo Business 2, Demo Mobile App, Landing Page, Preset Shortcode. If you want to know which the preset your page is using,  you can open the page editor, then check the  Use preset field:


How to apply only one demo style to your whole site ? To do this, please follow the steps below:

1) On Theme Options page, choose the preset you want and make it ‘global’.


2) In each page editor, leave the Use Preset (mentioned above) blank.

3) For now, you only need to configure the preset you have chosen in step 1. However, there are some options you have to configure the Default Preset:

+) Add more widgets area to Widget page.



+) Add your custom font (ver 1.0.4).



+) Enable Maintenance mode (ver 1.0.4).