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Note: Before importing demo content, please make sure you have already installed and enabled all required plugin mentioned above. In addition, if your PHP setting doesn’t met the requirement , the System Status will be red, so please configure your setting reasonably ( see System Requires above).


Please follow the steps below:

Step 1 – In section 9WPThemes, choose tab “Install Demos” or click Install Demo Data.

Step 2 – Choose demo you want to import, then click Install. In this case (see the image below), we have only one demo, but it includes other demos. This mean you will install all of our demos to your site.


Step 3 – Choose options you want to install and please read the description carefully, then click I understand, just install it.


You can click the button at bottom right of your screen to see process log:


After installation success, you will see this note:


If some of  your pages encounter htaccess error (see image below), you can fix this bug by saving changes Permalinks.




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