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All plugins required have been zipped/already into your download package, so you only need to do is click on the “Begin installing plugins“.

You should be navigated to the Install Required Plugin page, which shows a plugin list similar to this:


Next, Click on the checkbox beside “Plugin” label to select all plugins in the list.


Then01-install-required-plugins-action.jpg choose “Install” from the drop-down list at the top and then click “Apply“.


The installing process status will be shown in your browser. It may takes a few minutes, so please be patient. After sucessfull, your screen like that:


When the notice “All installations have been completed” appears, click on the “Return to Required Plugins Installer” link to turn back to the plugin list.


Next, click on the box beside the Plugin label again to select all plugins and choose Activate this time as image below.



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