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If you scroll down to the bottom of your page editor, you will see an area named  Options. We call that area Metabox Options.

Most options of Metabox Options just like the ones in Theme Options, except they have default value. If you leave the fields in Metabox Options to blank or set them to Default,  the options will override the same ones in Theme Options preset that is assigned to your current page (or ‘global’ preset if no preset is assigned to your current page).


+) You can disable some specific areas of your current page (like Footer, Page Title, Header Area – Before …) by set the fields corresponding to them to OFF.

+) Metabox Options does not take effect in any archive types (for example, in our  demo is Blog: ) . In this case, you have to use feature Overriding Template of Theme Options.

+) If you configure a option of a preset but it does not apply to your page (assume the preset is assigned to the page), you have to check the same option in Metabox Options of the page. The field of the option must be blank or set to OFF.