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Save Changes/ Save & Generate CSS / Reset Section / Reset All

After configuring theme options, you only need to hit Save Changes button. If your site is encountered some CSS bugs, then hit Save & Generate CSS (if you have SCSS skill, and you need to change SCSS code in Spring directory, you will need to use this button so you can generate SCSS to CSS). All four buttons “Save Changes/ Save & Generate CSS / Reset Section / Reset All” are only effect the current preset.

Override setting fields

In Content Template, Header, Tittle, Footer you will see something like this:


This mean you can override setting (for Content Template, Header, Tittle, Footer) of post type: 404, search page, blog archive/ singer, portfolio archive / single , product archive / single.

After choosing post type you want to override setting and save changes, you will see this:


Custom sidebar

If you want to add more sidebar (Apperance -> Widgets), then choose Default Preset > Custom Sidebar :



Most Used Colors

If you want to use some colors other than main colors (Primary color, Secondary color, Text color, Meta text color, Border color), you can define them: choose Default Preset > Colors > Define Most Used Colors.



After being defined, these color will be added to shortcode color selector:


Custom CSS


You can use SCSS syntax in Custom CSS & Script > Custom CSS, exclude @mixin and @include (we don’t support these syntax). Some useful variables:

  • $spring-primary-color: get primary color value (eg: #BFA97D).
  • $spring-secondary-color: get secondary color value.
  • $spring-text-color: get text color value.
  • $spring-meta-text-color: get meta text color value.
  • $spring-border-color: get border color value.
  • $spring-primary-font: get primary font value (eg: Poppins).
  • $spring-secondary-font: get secondary font value.
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