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If you note in Theme Options, there are 4 sections have overriding default template field: Header, Content Template, Page Title, Footer.

You can use that field to overriding the default template for : 404 page, Search page, Archive types and Single types (Blog, Service, Event).

Example of using overriding default template:

In the following I will show you how to override page title area of Service Archive page.

As you see below, field Page title template in tab Title is set to Off

It means every pages in your site do not have page title area (and Service Archive page too)


If you want the page title only show in Service Archive page, you have to override the default template (in tab Title) for Service Archive page. To do that :

1) Select Service Archive in field Override default settings in, then click Save Change. After loading, a section named Service Archive Page Title will appearance below tab Title


2) In the new tab, set Page title template to Content Template the select the content template you want to use as your  Service Archive page title area


Here is the result: