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Theme Options Preset is a feature that help you create various style for your site. In our demo , there are 3 preset: Default Preset, Style Red – Dark Green, Style Brown – Light Green.

+) Default Preset: use for whole site.

+) Style Red – Dark Green: use for Home Page 1, About Us 1.

+) Style Brown – Light Green: use for Home Page 3Home Page 4, About Us 3,  About Us 4.

How to use preset

All sections (General Settings, Colors, , …) you see in Theme Options are all sections of current preset. It means they are not related to other presets. After you configure those sections, If you click one of 4 buttons at the top of the panel (Save Changes, Save & Generate CSS, Reset Section, Reset All), this action will only affect to current preset, other presets are still intact.


+) Save Changes: Save all of the changes you have make to the current preset

+) Save & Generate CSS: Save the current preset and re-generate CSS. You only need to use this button if:

  • the CSS codes of the current preset are break
  • you create a new preset
  • you modify any *.scss files of our theme

+) Reset Section: Restore all options of the current section to default.

+) Reset All: Restore whole options of current preset to default.

To apply a preset to a specific page, you can open the editor of the page, then set the preset to field Use Preset.

Note 1: By default, ‘global’ preset affects to your whole site (every pages), unless your pages are assigned to other presets. Any ‘none-global’ preset only can take effect if it is assigned to a page.

Note 2: After create a new preset, you have to click Save & Generate CSS to generate CSS file for the preset. Otherwise, if you assign the preset to a page, the page layout will be broken due to miss CSS codes.

Some Options you only can do in Default Preset 

You don’t need to set Default Preset back to  ‘global’ preset (assume you have another preset as ‘global’ preset). You only need to switch Theme Option to Default  and do the options mentioned below.

+) Custom sidebar

If you want to add more sidebar (Appearance -> Widgets), make sure you are in Default Preset, then choose General Settings > Custom Sidebar :

+) Enable Maintenance Mode

Switch Theme Options to Default Preset, then choose General Settings > Maintenance Mode

+) Add more feature colors

If you want to use more colors other than main colors (Primary color, Secondary color, Text color, Meta text color, Border color), you still can define them: choose Default Preset > Colors > Define Most Used Colors. After that, make sure to click  Save & Generate CSS in all of presets.

After being defined, these color will be added to shortcode color selector:

+) Add custom font

To add custom font, you can switch Theme Options to Default Preset, then choose Typography > Custom Font:

After that, the font will be available in every preset